New Depiction of Christ
New Depiction of Christ's Visit to the Nephites...
A powerful new video released by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints focuses on the sacrifices made throughout history to preserve the word of God.  The program, aired between LDS General Conference sessions Saturday and Sunday April 5-6, includes a welcome "new video depiction" of Christ's visit to the Nephites portrayed among large earthen mounds and wooden structures that appea... [ read more ]
Book of Mormon Evidence Conference A Huge Success
Nov. 5, 2014

The 14th Semi-annual International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference teamed with Do It Now Expo to offer the largest, most comprehensive event in the world dedicated to showing forth evidences of the Book of Mormon, Liberty, Freedom and Preparedness. This three day event was held Thursday, October 9th, through Saturday, the 11th at Utah Valley University UCCU Event Center in Orem, Utah.  With over 50 speakers and more than 100 classes, along with entertainment, an LDS art gallery and educational and preparedness products available, this event was one to remember! 

New LOWER PRICE tickets ($15* single or $30* for the entire family for the entire 3-day event) brought nearly 3,000 attendee's to the event!  Overwhelming new evidence from multiple fields is now indicating that the Book of Mormon history took place in what is now the Heartland of America. Entire families joined in on this incredible learning opportunity with recent research and evidences that the Book of Mormon lands were right here on the Promised Land of the United States of America.   Classes were offered on The Constitution, preparedness, personal protection, alternative medicines, first-aid, pain relief, food preservation, gardening and more!   This was 2014's ultimate event for everyone that loves liberty, the gospel, and self reliance.  To learn more click on the EVENT HOME PAGE HERE

Our 13th Semi-annual International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference was held April 25-26, 2014 at the Scera XanGo Grande Theatre in Orem Utah.  This two day event was the largest conference in the world dedicated to showing forth evidences of the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ.   The event included presentations by 20 diverse speakers, unveiling of new LDS artwork, the screening of a new film by the Joseph Smith Foundation and Musical performances by Nathan Osmond, Michele Baer, Kimberly Smith, and Karyn Grant.  Nearly 800 conference attendee's gathered in the newly remodeled Scera along with artists and a wide variety of vendors with related educational and professional materials. 

The Provo Daily Herald published related stories in their Saturday and Sunday editions of the premier newspaper of Utah County.  See the articles, Book of Mormon Conference Shares New Geographic Evidence on Saturday, and the Sunday article, Was Native American History Purposely Lost?  Both articles included photo's from the event. 


The 13th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, held April 25-26, 2014 was professionally recorded and can be purchased in a 4 DVD series for $40 (+$5 S&H).  Visit the Bookstore to order or call 801-429-9751

Articles & Information on the Heartland Geography
Mar. 12, 2014

"Is there evidence for the Book of Mormon?"

Millions have asked this question because the Book of Mormon is foundational to the Mormon faith - more accurately known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  To learn more click HERE.  Many have wondered what evidence has been found in its support, as the book asserts to be a record of ancient peoples that came by ship from the Old World region of Israel to the America's where they developed into large and highly advanced civilizations with written language, walled cities, extensive roads, metal working, agriculture and a multitude of other sophisticated capabilities. 

Some students of the Book of Mormon have speculated that the record is a history of the ancient peoples of Central or South America notwithstanding the fact that their record was recovered from a stone box in a hill near Palmyra, New York, USA and Church leaders have maintained for over 100 years that this was the location of that hill called "Cumorah." (see Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation article HERE)  Others have proposed the Great Lakes region of North America to be its lands. Robust new research, based on a multi-disciplinary approach, is now providing overwhelming evidence that this history is a record of Native American peoples who lived in what is today the Heartland of the United States on the continent of North America.  This research begs the question, "Did the Book of Mormon take place in America’s Heartland?

For those of the Mormon faith, the "Heartland" of what is now the United States of America has always been a special, even sacred, location; from the Garden of Eden (OT Genesis 2:15, OT Genesis 3:23-24PoGP Moses 6:17 ) and Adam-ondi-Ahman (see D&C 107:53, D&C 116:1) ; to the restoration of the gospel (see D&C Introduction, D&C 20:1, Joseph Smith - History)  and the building of the New Jerusalem (NT Revelation 21:2, BoM Ether 13:2-6, 3 Nephi 20:22, D&C 84:1-4, D&C 45:64-67, PoGP Moses 7:62) – the Heartland of North America has been the setting for sacred events throughout human history. 

New research based in part on 36 prophecies contained within the Book of Mormon (see VIDEO GALLERY # 1-10) and historically verified writings and statements of the Church's founding Prophet, Joseph Smith (see VIDEO GALLERY 11-15 and/or read article HERE), in combination with physical evidences from DNA/genetics (download entire DNA book HERE, or watch Dr. Donald Yates of DNA Testing Systems HERE), archaeology, anthropology, metallurgy, linguistics, horticulture, climate indicators, ocean currents and voyage routes, geography, astronomy, calendaring and symbology, point to the very real probability that the people and places of the Book of Mormon were primarily in the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys of what is today the United States of America.   

Secular evidence continues to mount that the Book of Mormon may have occurred in the Heartland of North America.   This new research is offering unprecedented evidence of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Interestingly, much of this evidence is coming from non-Mormon secular sources, which is one of the many reasons why this research is so powerful and compelling. 

Below are links to articles and websites exploring what is now being called “The Heartland Model Geography” for the Book of Mormon. For further information access our VIDEO GALLERY, our ARCHIVED NEWSLETTERS or attend one of our many EVENTS across the country and around the world. To keep up with current research and events, sign up for our free newsletters HERE.  

Articles - (Click to Access)
1. The Scriptural Basis for the Book of Mormon Heartland Model Geography

2. ReDiscovering the Book of Mormon Remnant Through DNA - Entire Book Download - FREE

3. Nephite Observance of the Law of Moses: Evidence from America's Heartland

4. Hebrew Written Language & Culture Verified Eight Times in North America!

5. The Mississippi; Could it have been River Sidon?

6. Lehi's Ocean Voyage Demonstrated; The Phoenicia Expedition

7. Podcast by LDS Liberty (listen to the interview!)

8. Best Evidence for the Book of Mormon by Allen Rock Waterman

9. Review of Prophecies & Promises by Jake Freeman of Telemoonfa Time

10. Heartland Model Declared a "Movement" by University of Chicago


In Defense of the Gospel and the Heartland Model
Mar. 12, 2014

For several years researchers involved with the Heartland Model Geography for the Book of Mormon, as it is officially recognized, have endured relentless criticism from individuals and organizations that have been actively promoting Mesoamerican geography theories for many years. They have done so in a concerted effort to discourage members of the Church from reviewing and learning more about this research for themselves, knowing that the vast majority of those who objectively review the research feel that this geography model "just makes more sense."  Unfortunately, their articles are often misleading, incorrect and/or uninformed about the Heartland Book of Mormon geography model, to often resorting to personal attacks against the character, commitment to Church leaders, or intelligence of Heartland proponents. For the purpose of clarifying and addressing these articles, we offer a few responses to our critics below.

We appreciate the time and effort taken by others to help us improve our research, but personal attacks are unwarranted, contentious and unChrist-like. Our goal in addressing a few of these critics is to demonstrate that the Heartland Model has the ability to answer many questions in defense of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon as never before. This is not to say that there are now answers to every question, rather we feel that it offers cogent, straight-forward answers to many previously unanswered or unanswerable questions. We strive to avoid contention by addressing their concerns indirectly, through our educational materials rather than directly refuting their claims. 

We hope you find the articles helpful in determining for yourself the strengths of differing thoughts and ideas regarding Book of Mormon geography. No matter "where" it happened, we testify "that" it happened...that it is a genuine ancient history of real people, places and things. Enjoy the journey!


Articles  (click to Access)

1. Did Joseph Smith Identify Zarahemla in Guatemala? A Response to John Lund

2. BYU's Maxwell Institute Terminates FARMS Review Following Heartland Attack Articles

3. Response to FARMS Review Article Against Rod Meldrum by Gregory L. Smith

4. Nephite Observance of the Law of Moses in North America: Lack of Such Evidence in Mesoamerica

5. Reply to Jay Osmond’s “Friendly Critic” Professor

6. The Misleading New Years Article by Daniel Peterson: A Reply

7. Reply to Meridian Magazine article, Mesoamerican or Heartland Model: Only One Right?

8. Rod Meldrum Defends Book of Mormon Against ExMormon Founder Richard Packham

9. LDS Freedom Forum: Book of Mormon Setting in North America Blog

10. Interview at Manti Pageant with Aaron Shafovaloff of Mormon Research Ministry

11. Reply to Deseret News article, Pros, Cons of Book of Mormon Geography Theories

12. LDS Freedom Forum blog; DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography

13. Is Izapa Stela #5 Lehi's Dream?  An Improved Interpretation Suggests it is Not - (PDF Here)

Christmas 2014 SPECIALS
Nov. 5, 2014

- Special pricing on the 5th edition of the book that has become one of the most sought after LDS books and the #1 selling book on Book of Mormon Geography, selling over 25,000 copies in the last two years alone!  Now you can own a copy of this gorgeous 212 page heirloom quality hard-bound book Exploring the Book of Mormon in America's Heartland at 25% OFF the regular retail price of $39.95 (5rd printing) for ONLY $29.95!!!  This special pricing is available from our BOOKSTORE. To preview the book go to the books photo gallery HERE

In addition we are offering the following Christmas specials:

- The latest 2-DVD Series, The American Promised Land Covenant by Rod L. Meldrum is the new standard in Book of Mormon geography research. This 4 hour professionally studio recorded presentation takes you on a journey through history to identify the sacred and covenant lands of God.  Now 33% OFF, only $19.95 (reg. $29.95)

- Looking for a fantastic "Stocking Stuffer" to give as gifts to your family and friends this Christmas?  The just-released book, Moroni's Keys by novelist Jonathan Neville provides you with an excellent choice to bolster faith and knowledge of the Book of Mormon through the Heartland geography model.  Written as a series of email communications, this book highlights how the correct "Heartland" geography powerfully answers many questions brought up during missionary work.  Set in Paris, France, one sister missionary struggles to find answers to her archaeologist investigators questions and finds unexpected answers.  This 102 page book is a powerhouse of thought provoking information that will leave its readers with renewed excitement for the gospel.  Reg. price $9...NOW ONLY $4.95 (+ S/H). 

- The DVD that started the Heartland Revolution, DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography, available at an unprecedented 75% OFF its normal retail of $19.95! Now ONLY $4.95!  See the BOOKSTORE for details. 

- FIRM Foundation Director of Youth Education, Jake Hilton, powerfully answers the question...Why Does Book of Mormon Evidence Matter? in his new DVD series, The POWER of Book of Mormon Evidence.  This green-screen studio recorded video provides over 8 hours of stunning new information - including Jakes "The Great Eight" presentation that received a standing ovation at our International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference last spring.  This 5 DVD series is normally $49.95, but Save 20% now and get your copy today for only $39.95 (+ S/H). 

- The enormously popular 5 DVD series, Book of Mormon Evidence, which forms the foundations of the Heartland Model Geography with over 9+ hours of intensive research on the incredible evidences of the Book of Mormon is now available for ONLY $39.95, a saving of 33% OFF the regular price of $59.95! 

- Augmenting the 5 DVD series is the newer 6 DVD series Book of Mormon Evidence II which provides another incredibly informative 9+ hours of stunning new findings in support of the Book of Mormon's historicity, now on special for 25% OFF its retail price of $39.95 - NOW ONLY $29.95!

Book of Mormon Tours in America's Heartland !
Dec. 14, 2013

Join us this year for an unforgettable tour of a lifetime combining Book of Mormon history with Church history on the same sacred lands of Adamic history and the future New Jerusalem!  Experience the ultimate in LDS educational touring with the most knowledgable hosts and the most accommodating tour directors.  You will experience the powerful and sacred evidences of the Book of Mormon in America's Heartland, visiting museums displaying headplates and breastplates along with exploring the mighty earthworks possibly erected by Captain Moroni for the once mighty Nephite civilization.  If you've wanted to experience the Book of Mormon and Church history like never before, join us this year and make your dream a reality. The combination of Church history and Book of Mormon history on the same sacred lands is like having two amazing tours in one! 

Tour member Patti Wilcox wrote of her tour,

"I have been on a lot of wonderful tours, but this beats any experience. It was an absolute banquet of delights. I was fed spiritually, physically, socially, intellectually, and emotionally.

I have come away from this experience changed and enlivened."


Your tour gives you insights into Church history and Book of Mormon history you never dreamed possible. These are the most comprehensive and all-inclusive tours available. Read what other tour members are saying about their experience by clicking HERE.  Book of Mormon geography researchers, authors and lecturers Rod L. Meldrum and Wayne N. May of Ancient American magazine have teamed with Legacy Tours and Travel to offer these incredible opportunities to learn about and experience these sacred sites.

 Join our expert hosts on these incredible tours!

Tour Guides 2012


Join our tour team of Rod Meldrum (Book of Mormon DNA researcher, lecturer and author), Wayne N. May (publisher of Ancient American Magazine, author) Kay Godfrey (Joseph Smith epoch historian, see his website and biography HERE ), along with travel experts Mark and Jill Clifford.

Read Alan and Suzanne Osmond's tour experience with testimonials from other tour members HERE!

2014 Tours completed  

June   1-7    7-Day  Book of Mormon Evidence Tour w/ Rod Meldrum & Wayne May

July 14-26   13-Day Church History/Book of Mormon Evidence Tour w/ Rod Meldrum, Wayne May* & Kay Godfrey (Wayne May is tentative because of possible archaeological work in Iowa)

Aug. 31-Sept 6   7-Day Book of Mormon Evidence Tour w/ Rod Meldrum & Wayne May

Oct. 13-25  13-Day Church History/Book of Mormon Evidence Tour w/ Rod Meldrum, Wayne May & Kay Godfrey

2013 Tours Completed

June   2-8    7-Day  Book of Mormon Evidence Tour w/ Rod Meldrum & Wayne May - See Tour Photo Gallery HERE.

July  15-27  13-Day Church History/Book of Mormon Evidence Tour w/ Rod Meldrum & Wayne May - See Tour Photo Gallery HERE.  

Sept.  1-7     7-Day Book of Mormon Evidence Tour w/ Rod Meldrum & Wayne May - See Tour Photo Gallery HERE.  


Oct. 14-26  13-Day Church History/Book of Mormon Evidence Tour w/ Rod Meldrum, Wayne May & Kay Godfrey -  See Tour Photo Gallery HERE.


 For all the information click HERE or call Legacy Tours and Travel directly

at 877-221-5161 (Toll Free) or 801-683-0123


12th Book of Mormon Evidence Conference
Oct. 8, 2013

12th Semi-Annual International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference

- Restoring the Remnant -

- October 3-4, 2013 - South Towne Exposition Center, Sandy, Utah

The Conference Was Wonderful, to View the Event Page Click HERE.

The Conference Report is Under Construction.

To View the Conference Schedule & Speaker Bio's Click HERE.

Read Our Previous Conference Reports

Click HERE for the 11th or HERE for the 10th or HERE for the 9th

The FIRM Foundation's International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference Series is the largest in the world dedicated to showing forth evidences of the Book of Mormon.  On October 3rd-4th our 12th semi-annual conference, held at the South Towne Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah, will bring an estimated 1,000 LDS faithful together from around the world to experience 2 education-packed days with 15 distinguished speakers, inspiring musical performances, débuts of the new season of the television series Nephite Explorer, (now being aired on KJZZ-TV), new documentary films and publications, unveilings of new LDS paintings, and many powerful new evidences of the Book of Mormon.

Scroll down for previous Conference reports.

The conference, typically held two days before LDS General Conference, has had attendee's from Australia, Africa, South America, Europe and even Russia.  Because the conference venue is limited to 500 seats and has been sold out for the past 4 conferences, it is being made available worldwide through online real-time video streaming.  Hundreds from around the world have joined previous conference precedings "live" on their computers!  Now is your opportunity! 

The theme for this conference is "Restoring the Remnant;" focusing on how the prophesied remnant of the House of Israel in the Book of Mormon will be restored to their rightful position as God's chosen and covenant people.

Nephite Explorer Television Series on KJZZ-TV
Jul. 13, 2013

National Geographic investigative journalist Ryan Fisher has produced an incredible made-for-television series called Nephite Explorer, by following clues from scriptural prophecy to help unlock mysteries from the Bible, Book of Mormon and American History.  He has made some startling discoveries…some that may rewrite American history.  The 14 episode series begins in Jerusalem and the exodus of Lehi’s family at 600 BC.  He travels to several locations in Israel which may have been along Lehi’s route south past the Dead Sea to the Red Sea.  He uncovers ancient prophecies regarding promised lands with their associated covenants which connect the old world and the new.  As he progresses into the covenants and promises of the Lord on these promised lands he finds incredible evidence that the Founding Fathers and other leaders of the United States believed and understood that they were establishing a latter-day promised land.

Click the Nephite Logo below to take you to the Video Gallery and scroll down to clip #106. 

Nephite Explorer Overview

Ryan travels to Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York and historic sites of early America to talk with the experts regarding these promises and covenants.  What he finds is truly remarkable…and largely ignored by modern history books.  He then launches into a full scale investigation into the ancient inhabitants of this country, those that lived here during Book of Mormon time frames.  He finds evidences of an incredibly sophisticated civilization that closely matches the Nephites described in the Book of Mormon and introduces his audience to them through their artifacts, artwork, culture and archaeology.  The parallels he finds are nothing short of astonishing as Ryan utilized advances in science, technology, archaeology and history to further our understanding of the true history of the “most correct book on earth.”  Don’t miss a single episode of this thought provoking series which includes many interviews with noted scholars and experts. 

Watch the entire Nephite Explorer epidode 9 - Lands of the Nephites, Part 1 of a four part segment, by clicking the image below to take you to the Video Gallery, then scroll down to clip #107.

Nephite Explorer, Lands of the Nephites


Nephite Explorer in the NEWS!  Watch the KSL-TV news clip and article about Nephite Explorer HERE

Nephite Explorer on KSL-TV News

Nephite Explorer website homepage is HERE.  Check out the TV series schedule on KJZZ-TV HERE

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Oct. 1, 2010

Exploring The Book of Mormon In Americas Heartland
Mar. 10, 2014

For more than three years the single most requested educational item, to learn more about and share this information, has been a large format, high-quality picture book.  Finally, author and researcher Rod L. Meldrum has created the first 200+ page heirloom quality photographic journey of discovery into the exciting new "Heartland Model" geography!  Its title is Exploring The Book of Mormon In America's Heartland - A Visual Journey of Discovery.

This beautiful and powerful book has enjoyed huge success and is now in its 5th printing (25,000 total)! 

For a brief history of the progress of the book click on its webpage HERE.

Exploring the BoM in America's Heartland 30 sec. video

Over 300 stunningly beautiful and informational photographs combine with research, quotes, stories, artifacts, maps and scripture to make this the ultimate book on Book of Mormon evidences based on the Heartland Model. Enjoy some of the book pages by clicking on the PHOTO GALLERY page HERE.

Exploring the BoM in America's Heartland pages

From the Garden of Eden and Adam-ondi-Ahman to the restoration of the Gospel and the New Jerusalem —the “Heartland” of America is the setting of sacred and significant events throughout human history. This photographic book introduces the growing body of evidence that offers the very real probability of a North American setting for The Book of Mormon.


Ancient prophets wrote of a new nation that would occupy their lands in the latter days.  They prophesied to that nation, imploring the latter day citizens of that nation not to make the same mistakes that resulted in the destruction of their civilization.  To ensure that we could not mistake or misconstrue which nation it was that they were warning, the provided 36 scriptural prophecies and promises regarding that nation.  Those prophecies make it absolutely clear and unmistakeable that they were attempting to warn the nation they knew in vision would be the base for the Lord's latter-day Church.  They saw our day in vision and they knew that should this nation fail, it would severely impact the ability of the Church to carry out its mission of bring the gospel to the world.  The only nation that qualifies in every one of the 36 prophecies to be that latter day nation is the United States of America.  The land now occupied by this nation has always been the location of significant events throughout human history.  It is ancient as well as the latter-day “Promised Land.”  The Prophet Joseph Smith was completely consistent with these prophecies as indicated by his written and signed statements as well as his actions indicating his views on Book of Mormon geography.


Newly emerging scientific information strengthens the assertion that large agrarian societies once flourished in North America at precisely the times of the Jaredite and Nephite cultures. This research, conducted primarily by non-LDS scientists, is revealing a remarkable panorama of culture, achievement and destruction among these ancient peoples. 


The research here compiled spans the scope of archaeology, anthropology, architecture, fortifications, trade, religion, metallurgy, DNA, horticulture, transportation–by sea and by land, geographic topologies, building materials, astronomical alignments, mythology and much more."


This visually compelling new book has a suggested retail of $39.95. Compare with other books of similar quality at $45-$60.  To purchase, go to the BOOKSTORE or visit Deseret Book and Seagull Bookstores everywhere, or Costco stores in Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. Also available on and other retail book outlets online. 

11International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference
Mar. 26, 2013

The World's Largest Book of Mormon Evidence Conference!    

11th International BoM Conference

The International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference Series is the largest in the world dedicated to showing forth evidences of the Book of Mormon.  On April 4-5 our 11th semi-annual conference, brought more than 700 LDS faithful together from around the world to experience 2 education-packed days with 20 distinguished speakers, inspiring musical performances by country music star Nathan Osmond and the soul-stirring voice of Michele Baer, débuts of a new television series, Nephite Explorer, now being aired on KJZZ-TV, new documentary films and publications, unveilings of new LDS paintings, and many powerful new evidences of the Book of Mormon. (Read the Conference report HERE).

The conference, typically held two days before LDS General Conference, has had attendee's from Australia, Africa, South America, Europe and even Russia.  Because the conference seating of 480 was sold out, for the first time ever the conference was made available via online real-time video streaming.  Hundreds from around the world took advantage of the opportunity and joined in "live" with the conference precedings.  It was a highly educational and faith-building event.

To read the conference report, with info on its distinguished speakers and summaries of their presentations, click on...

11th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference Report HERE

Previous conference reports; for 9th Spring 2012 Conference click HERE, for 10th Fall 2012 Conference click HERE.

Visit the Video Gallery

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