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The new 9+ hour 5 DVD disk series by Rod L. Meldrum, titled Book of Mormon Evidence has taken 8 years of intensive research, 3 years of filming and 9 months of editing to bring together the most compelling evidence supporting the validity of the Book of Mormon ever assembled. For DVD graphics images visit the Product Gallery.


We are thrilled to offer a truly comprehensive system of research on the study of Book of Mormon Geography.  This DVD series will take those who watch it through one of the most exciting new Book of Mormon geography paradigms ever.  These 5 highly informative DVD's form the backbone of what has become known as the ‘Heartland Book of Mormon Geography’ first coined by its author, Rod L. Meldrum due to its being located in North America's heartland region. 


Re-read the Book of Mormon from this fresh new perspective and have it come ALIVE! 


The individual DVD's are titled:

1. Prophecies and Promises; Promised Land Correlations with the United States of America

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2. Joseph Smith; Joseph Smith and Book of Mormon Geography

3. DNA and the Book of Mormon; Rediscovering the Book of Mormon Remnant through DNA

4. Book of Mormon Correlations; Correlations between the Nephites and the Hopewell Civilization

5. The Heartland Geography; Mapping the Book of Mormon using the Heartland Geography


Disk 1

of the new 5 DVD disk series Book of Mormon Evidence is titled Prophecies & Promises; Promised Land Correlations with the United States of America.  This is the companion video of the new book, Prophecies & Promises by Dr. Bruce H. Porter and Rod L. Meldrum which is receiving so much attention and creating so much excitement.  This DVD presentation includes an introduction by Elder Hartman Rector Jr. and has 10 scene selections plus 4 Bonus Features.  This is the beginning of the most comprehensive treatise on the subject of the Heartland Model to date.    


Prophecies and Promises DVD is sure to provide an entirely new way of looking at the study of Book of Mormon geography. 


Questions Addressed by this disk:

What is the current method for conducting Book of Mormon geography research and how well is it working?

Is a new method needed?

What and where is the Book of Mormon’s Promised Land?

 What are the prophecies about this land?

What nation qualifies to be this promised land, according to its prophecies?

What is the role of the United States of America in these prophecies?


Scene Selections include:

Prophecies and Promises of the Book of Mormon

The Current Method

A New Method

A Hebrew Text

The Promised Land

Who are the Gentiles?

A New Nation

36 Prophecies and Promises

This Nation Upon This Land

The United States of America


Bonus Features: 



Disk 2

of the new 5 DVD disk series Book of Mormon Evidence is titled Joseph Knew; Joseph Smith and Book of Mormon Geography.  This is the most comprehensive video production about the knowledge of Joseph Smith on the subject of Book of Mormon Geography from historical documents ever compiled.  It demonstrates that Joseph Smith was never tentative about where he knew the Book of Mormon took place, and he never varied from that position.  Click on the thumbnail image for more information.


The introduction to this disk is by Kay Godfrey, an epic Joseph Smith scholar and researcher for over 30 years. This DVD includes full referencing on the subject of the wisdom and knowledge of the Prophet, Joseph Smith.  The DVD has 8 scene selections that explore his historically documented revelatory accounts as well as looking into the Times and Seasons accounts in an entirely new way.


Questions Addressed by this disk:

What did the Prophet Joseph Smith know about Book of Mormon geography?

Did Joseph ever claim revelation pertaining to the possible location of Book of Mormon lands?

Is there historical documentation that could establish Joseph Smith’s views?

Where did the Prophet Joseph know about the location of the Hill Cumorah?

Did the Prophet change his mind about where the Book of Mormon took place?

Are there any historically documented instances of Joseph changing his mind?

What was Joseph’s view just prior to his death?


Scene Selections include:

What did Joseph Know?

Joseph's Revelatory Accounts

Zelph Mound Account

The Hill Cumorah

Mesoamerican Theory Origins

Times and Seasons Accounts

Bernhisel Manuscript

Did Joseph's Views Evolve?


Bonus Features:


Disk 3

of the series is titled DNA and the Book of Mormon; Rediscovering the Book of Mormon Remnant through DNA.  This is the most powerful video production ever compiled about DNA evidence in favor of the Book of Mormon from scientific journals and the scriptures.  It demonstrates that there is an ancient link between Jewish populations and Native Americans in North America to whom Joseph Smith sent the first missionaries.

Questions Addressed by this disk:

Does DNA prove the Book of Mormon is false?

What is the controversy over DNA and the Book of Mormon?

What were the lineages involved with the Book of Mormon?

Is there a genetic “remnant” of the Book of Mormon?

How is DNA dating accomplished?

Did the Lord and Joseph Smith identify the ‘remnant?’

Where did the Lord send the first missionaries “unto the Lamanites?”

Is there any DNA connection between Native American’s and Semitic peoples?

Has there been found any evidence for Semitic people in Native populations dating back to Book of Mormon times?


Scene Selections include:

DNA & The Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon Lineages

Haplogroups X1 – X2

A Remaining Remnant

DNA Dating & Haplogroup X

Missionaries to the Lamanites


Bonus Features:



Disk 4

of the series is titled Book of Mormon Correlations; Correlations between the Nephites and the Hopewell Civilization.  One of the most exciting of all the disks in this series, it focuses on the physical correlations or potential relationships between the Nephites of the Book of Mormon and the ancient Hopewell Mound Building civilization of North America.  Both existed in the same time frames and share many astounding similarities.  Could the Hopewell have actually been the Nephites?  This disk provides an unprecedented 25 correlations evidencing the possibilities.   


Questions Addressed by this disk:

Is there any evidence for a highly advanced civilization in North America during Book of Mormon time frames?

Does the Book of Mormon provide clues about its weather or climate?

Could the American Buffalo provide evidence of the truth of the Book of Mormon?

Does modern archaeology provide evidences for the truth of the Book of Mormon?

What types of evidence might one expect from Book of Mormon archaeology?

How did Book of Mormon people built their structures and are such structures found archaeologically today in North America?

Who was the Hopewell Mound Builders of America’s heartland?

What evidence exists of this civilization?

What correlations can be found between the Hopewell Mound Builders and the Book of Mormon peoples?



Scene Selections include:

Introduction by Kieth Merrill

Weather & Climate

Buffalo Evidence

Chronological Evidence

Tents, Temples & Teepees

Christ in the Americas

Nephite & Hopewell Culture

Nephite & Hopewell Structures

Hopewell Mound Builders

Nephite & Hopewell Artifacts

25 Nephite Correlations

Bonus Features:



Disk 5

of the series is titled The Heartland Geography; Mapping the Book of Mormon with the Heartland Geography Model.  Using the method outlined in disk 1, the geography of the Book of Mormon, according to the proposed Heartland theory is unfolded. It demonstrates that North America is a 'prime' location for the Book of Mormon to have occurred. 


Questions Addressed by this disk:

Is the study of Book of Mormon geography important?

What route did Lehi take on his journey to the new world?

What constitutes the Heartland Book of Mormon geography theory?

What are the proposed Book of Mormon locations in the Heartland theory?

What caused the destruction at the time of Christ according to the Heartland model?

What is the significance of the words “up” and “down” in the Book of Mormon?

Are there any indications of distances from travel for the lands of the Book of Mormon?

Where were the Waters of Mormon?

Are there parallels between Book of Mormon lands and Church history locations?


Scene Selections include:

Introduction by renowned artist David Lindsley

Is the Geography Important?

Coming to the New World

The Heartland Model

Mapping the Book of Mormon

Destruction at Christ’s Death

Up & Down Directions

The Waters of Mormon

Travel Indications

Historical Chiasmus

Review of the Evidence


Bonus Features:







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*The item below has been updated with new graphics for the disc face and entrapment.  It is still available in its original format.* 

DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography is the result of research conducted over the course of three years in scientific journals, books, and the scriptures.  The author, Rod Meldrum, began the research because of work being done with colleagues on a natural sciences textbook project.  One of the focus areas of that project was worldwide population movements and genetic drift. 

After encountering anti-Mormon banners at LDS Church General Conference in 2003 claiming that there was DNA evidence that "proves the Book of Mormon False", he was confident that the issue would soon be answered by the LDS scholarly community.  While the issue was certainly being addressed, and he accepted the answers as a posibility, the answers being provided did not satisfy one critical aspect.  The Book of Mormon unambiguously states that in the latter-days, there would be a 'remnant' of the House of Israel found on the Promised Land.  There were still no answers that agreed with the scriptural passages and the DNA evidence being unveiled.  He felt that as a scientific researcher, with access to several world-class research libraries and scientific search engines, he should begin research on the subject.

This research lead to some rather unexpected DNA findings that then lead to questioning the origin of  the theories surrounding the geographical locations of the Book of Mormon.

The format of the DVD is one of a presentation given before a live audience for a special 'scholarly fireside'.  The entire 4-hour presentation has been divided into 18 sections that follow the scriptural premise of beginning from a firm foundation and then moving 'line upon line' in a natural progression of discovery. 

Viewers will be taken through literally hundreds of exciting concepts that all combine from multiple disciplines to form an astoundingly compelling case for the wisdom and knowledge of The Prophet Joseph Smith, the truthfulness of Book of Mormon, and the validity and majesty of the restored gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  This robust evidence comes from correlation and verification through DNA, prophetic, scriptural, historical, climatological, archaeological, social and cultural evidences.  Each section provides another piece in the puzzle until it becomes quite clear.


The live presentation has now been seen by tens of thousands of individuals from coast to coast and around the country.  Attendees have been surveyed both before and after the presentation and their resulting comments have been overwhelmingly positive.  It is hoped that this DVD will strengthen the resolve of each viewer to study more diligently the words of the Book of Mormon itself, as well as help put the 'tools' in the hands of parents, teachers, and leaders to address and combat the false information surrounding the DNA controversy.


There is a tremendous interest in this subject at this point in time, and you will find this presentation highly informative, well researched and thoroughly documented.  You will be excited to read again, with a fresh new perspective, the Book of Mormon.  


The entire presentation has been divided into 18 sections accessible by menus rather than the continuous format used for the beta version.  Individual sections include: 1. DNA evidence, 2. Geography, 3. Joseph Smith, 4. Promised Land, 5. Prophesies and Promises, 6. Tents, Temples & Teepees, 7. Weather and Climate, 8. Migratory Beasts, 9. Chronological Evidence, 10. Nephite Defenses, 11. Nephite Structures, 12. Mound Builders, 13. Culture, 14. Artifacts, 15. Maps, 16. Travels, 17. Conclusions and Results, 18. Contact Information. 

The total length of DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography DVD presentation is approximately 4 hours.  It is complete with ISBN (bar code) numbers and is professionally retail shrink wrapped with updated graphics and an instructional insert.